Medtronic's Pump

Medtronic's Syncromed Implanted Pump

Medtronic's Syncromed pump maintenance is performed at of clinic. Our doctors have experience in the management of Medtronic's Syncromed Pumps for pain management and/or muscle spasicity management. Julaine Root, RN has been trained in refilling and programming the Medtronic's Syncromed Pump. Under the direction of our physicians, she has been involved in this treatment since 1998.

The Medtronic's Syncromed pump is implanted usually in a patient's abdomen, a small tube runs from the pump to the intrathecal space in the spinal column. With the use of the pump, a patient's medication can be infused continuously, alleviating the peaks and valleys of oral medication. The medication dose needed for relief of symptoms can be much lower than that of oral medications. Chronic pain patients that are unable to get his or her pain managed may benefit from an implanted pump. Treatment has been beneficial for patients with cancer, chronic back pain, muscle pain, and other chronic pain conditions. Patients with Multiple Sclerosis have been able manage muscle spasicity using the Medtronic's Syncromed pump filled with Baclofen, an antispasmodic drug.

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